Reflections on £1 a day

Days 4 and 5:

As my ‘Dare’ is drawing to a close, I feel that I should reflect on my 5 days of living on £1 a day. But to be honest, I am just so tired and drained that I’m not sure there will be much to say at the moment!

It turns out that living on £1 a day is pretty tough on the body. I haven’t really had enough fruit and veg, barely any sugar, NO COFFEE and a hell of a lot of carbs. As diets go, I’m not sure this is a winner. Today in particular I am craving fresh orange juice, a sure sign that I need some vitamins. It doesn’t help either that it is such a beautiful day and there are no ice-creams to be had!

But enough whining, living on £1 a day has actually been an eye opening experience. I have realised just how expensive food is! Calculating all the food prices and quantities was a pain and I can’t imagine having to count the pennies (literally) every day. And this dare has just included food, not travel costs, rent, petrol, other bills, toiletries and other luxuries.

I thought I would take the time to tell you a bit about the projects I have been raising money for. VPBK is the main project that all your kindly donated money will be going towards. Once all the funds have been raised, money will go to other Tzedek funded projects such as SLINT. For more info on Tzedek funded projects in Africa and India, click here:


Vikahar Paribar Bikash Kendra (VPBK)

Aim: To enable local girls to improve their lifestyle and economic prospects.
To ensure spread of primary education among 125 girls (11-14 years) belonging to tribal communities in Malda district of West Bengal, India, who have dropped out of main school. They will learn basic literacy and health issues to enable them to re-enter school, and also to spread awareness of health issues such as HIV in their tribal community.
Background: Vikahar Paribar Bikash Kendra (VPBK) is a grass-roots level development organization established in 1987 in the village of Vikahar in the Tapan Block of the district of Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal. Its efforts have been concentrated on integrated development for women and children.
This project is working in tribal communities in Malda district of West Bengal. Some of the girls participating have already been leading a “drop-out” lifestyle. They may not be motivated to see the benefits of achieving better education as they may have already been introduced to drugs or prostitution.
Funds needed: £4287

Sustainable Livelihoods International (SLINT)

Kiyuni Fruit and Vegetable Growing for Sustainable Livelihoods project

Aim: to increase farm production by assisting 100 farmers to access improved and high-yielding seeds of fruits and vegetables. Farmers will be provided with seeds and pineapple suckers, as well as technical training.
Background: Most households in the project area currently live on less than a dollar (or Uganda shillings 2300) a day and struggle to meet their basic needs for survival. Their principle livelihood activity is subsistence farming. However, diverse factors such as pests and diseases, climate change (severe drought and floods), lack of farm inputs (good quality seeds/planting materials and farm equipment), lack of access to modern farming technologies, lack of training, lack of access to credit, as well as low literacy levels, have had a deep impact in agriculture in Uganda. These factors have fuelled a vicious cycle of poverty, food insecurity and land degradation. As agriculture is a primary engine for economic growth and poverty reduction, there is an urgent need to empower the farmers to overcome some of the above challenges so as to realize maximum benefits from agriculture and secure sustainable livelihoods.
Funding Required: The project has a cost of £2300 over one year.


Here’s what I’ve been eating:

MENU DAY 4: (Total 84.7p)

Breakfast – 1 weetabix, no milk 9.8p

Lunch – half a bowl of carrot soup 10p and 1 chapati 1.2p

Supper – Spanish Omelette (4 new potatoes 8p, 2 eggs 32p, 1/2 a tomato 3.6p)

+ 3 squares of cadburys fair-trade chocolate!

MENU DAY 5: (Total – 49.6p)

Breakfast – 2 weetabix, no milk 19.6p

Lunch – Banana and honey on toast 30p (banana – 8p, toast – 20p, honey – 2p)

Supper – END OF £1 A DAY!! Normal Friday Night Meal 🙂


Thank you to all my sponsors, for all the rest of you…it’s not too late to help me reach my target of £1000!

Shabbat Shalom to you all,



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