Rice and Chapatis

Today was my first day of living on £1 a day. My grand total for today: 73p!!

As I was feeling a bit sick anyway, I found today ok as I only really wanted to eat plain food. But having to calculate everything I eat is a PAIN!


Here was my menu, not very exciting:

Breakfast – 2 weetabix, 9.8p each and splash of milk 3p

Lunch – 2 chapatis (homemade) 2.4p, 1 boiled egg 14p, 1 apple 16p .

Supper – Plain boiled rice with a pinch of salt 4p and glass of orange juice 14p.


Tomorrow I hope to be feeling slightly less ill and will be going on a vegetable hunt at Asda! Feel like I should be having some nutrients.

Please sponsor me, I would love to raise my target of £750. I know its going to get a lot harder! All money raised will go to people in Africa and India living in extreme poverty, on less than $1 a day.



* Chapati recipe: 500g plain flour and as much water as needed to make dough. Fry without oil in griddle pan until dough puffs up and turns brown! 500g flour will make 14 chapatis. See photo!



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