Help me live on £1 a day for 5 days in March 2012!!

1.4 billion people are currently living in extreme poverty, on less than $2 a day. Every day they are faced with terrible choices.

Should their $2 be spent on 3 bowls of rice to feed their family? Should it be spent on medicine for a sick child? Should it be spent on school fees?

What is the priority? Food and water or access to healthcare? Education?

Thankfully, living in the UK, we can’t comprehend this daily fight for survival.

As some of you know, this year I am working for Tzedek, a Jewish International Development charity based in the UK.

Tzedek works with partners in Ghana and India to help those living in extreme poverty, providing funds and support for sustainable development projects.

In Ghana, 53.6% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. That’s £1.28.

In India, the number of people living in extreme poverty is 75.6%. These are shocking figures.

As part of this year’s Tzedek fundraiser, I have decided to ‘Dare Myself’ to live on £1 a day for 5 days in March 2012.

I should just mention that I LOVE food. I love cooking, I love eating. I am addicted to coffee and chocolate. This is definitely going to be a challenge for me!

I will have to plan all my meals in advance and work out all the prices and costs of everything I eat.

To give you some idea of what £5 for 5 days means:

  • A loaf of bread from my local bakery – 75p
  • A pint of milk – 49p
  • A box of 10 eggs – £1.09
  • 1 Aubergine – £1
  • Aero chocolate bar – 80p
  • Small jar of Nescafe coffee – £1.89

Total: £6.02 – already over budget!


  • I will not accept food donations from friends or family. (So please don’t tempt me!)
  • I can drink as much water as I like!
  • I can calculate food prices from food I already have at home. For example, if a box of 16 weetabix costs £1.60, eating 2 weetabix (no milk) for breakfast will count as 20p’s worth of food for the day.
  • I can add salt and pepper and spices to my food as I like.
  • I must eat 3 meals a day.
  • I will blog about my experiences to tell you all how it is going and to make sure I don’t cheat!
Wish me luck!!

Thank you for your support. I will need it!


Donate at:

Why not sign up for your own dare? Bungee jump over Windsor Lake on April 1st! Or create your own dare!



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