Hello world!

Why blog? My first question at my new job after graduating University in London. Shock horror – I don’t Tweet, I don’t have a blog…Surely I didn’t get through my degree without understanding the value of social media??

Well partly due to peer pressure and partly due to curiosity, I made a Twitter account, had a lesson in hash tagging and how to retweet and learnt about Hootsuite. And now here I am. Sharing my blog with you.

Recent controversies caused by the Jewish media and a certain student organisation inspired me to start this blog. Although I am no longer a student, student politics continue to fascinate me and issues raised on campus continue to be relevant to the every day life of every Jew living in the UK. More on that later.

As I start my year working for Tzedek, a Jewish international development charity (http://www.tzedek.org.uk), I hope to share with you some interesting experiences (including 5 months abroad!), many many Jewish weddings (and engagement parties and shower parties and hen nights and sheva brachot) and updates on my search for the perfect kosher cupcake. (Inspired by my recent trip to Crumbs NY – the place where the most incredible Red Velvet cupcake exists to taunt me, so far away 😦 )

For now, I leave you with this video, a short but powerful message.



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